Ryan Williamson

body piercing
tattoo apprentice

Ryan is our Body Piercer, Shop Manager and is currently apprenticing under Mandy for tattooing. He is an avid fan of music and likes to play guitar and whatever other instruments he can find in his spare time and plays lead guitar for the bands The Slow Death Of Gaia and Bastard Rat, you can check them out on streaming platforms if you are into some wild heavy metal!

Ryan is available by appointment for piercings and consultations.  

If you have any questions about piercings that are not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section feel free to call the shop at 603-447-3232 during business hours and we will be glad to help!

Upper Cartilage
Tongue 2
Snake Eyes
Septum 3
Septum 4
Nostril 2
Navel 2
Medusa 1
Septum 1
Septum 2
Industrial 2
Upper Cartilage 2
Tragus 2
Tragus 1
Eyebrow 2
Daith 1
Family Nostril Piercings
Industrial 1
Naval 1
Double Conch
Nostril 1
Eyebrow 1